Rollup Sub-Task Estimates to Story

Jira Challenge

Agile teams often want to subdivide story or sub-task among multiple skill sets (Engineer, QA, Designer) or smaller tasks in order to understand how much effort each skill set will require to deliver the work. The challenge they often face is how to rollup the effort from each Sub-Task to calculate the Story Points or from story points to Epics. Abacus has a solution for that. 


  1. Create a custom field and associate it with your Sub-Task screen only.

    1. You can name this field anything you want.

    2. The field can be numeric, text, or even a select list if you want to constrain the selectable values.

    3. For illustration purposes, we will name our field Skill Effort.

  2. Make sure your Story Points field is editable in the Story issue type screen.

    1. If you are using any other issue type, make sure the field you want to rollup the values to is editable in the screen. 

  3. Create a new Sub-Task Rollup to Issue formula. 

  4. Name the formula.

  5. Select the custom Sub-Task field (e.g. Skill Effort) and the Function to perform (Sum, Average, Median, Max, Min, Mode).

  6. Select the target story field for your result (e.g. Story Points).

  7. Save your formula. 

  8. Create an Execution Plan for the formula or add the formula to an existing Execution Plan.