Enhanced Portal Catalog and Configurations

We are thrilled to announce a suite of new features and enhancements in Checkout, designed to seamlessly integrate with Jira, enhance user experience and adapt to your unique process needs. These changes are born from your feedback and our commitment to making the Checkout more flexible, intuitive for all users.

Checkout Catalog Enhancement First off, we've given a significant facelift to our Checkout catalog. No longer is it isolated in its own project. Instead, it can now be featured as a request type across any Jira Service Management catalog. This upgrade gives you the ability to have Checkout requests right where you need them, streamlining your service management process.


Centralized Portal Configurations Lastly, in line with our customization and streamlining theme, we've centralized all portal configurations into one area. Now, manage your portal settings from a single place.

Hide Shipping Address & Procuring Department Next up, we understand that not all processes require shipping addresses and procuring departments. In line with our pursuit of customization, you can now choose to hide these fields if they are not essential to your operations, allowing you customize Checkout for your organizations needs.


Disable Purchase Order Creation We recognize that purchase orders might not be relevant to all. You will now be able to turn off the purchase order creation feature if it doesn't align with your business process. We are all about giving you the power to make the Checkout app truly your own!


We are confident these features will supercharge your Checkout experience, making it even more seamless and tailored to your needs. At Mumo Systems, we believe in continuously evolving, and your valuable feedback is the cornerstone of our innovation journey.

Get started with these new features today! Don't forget to share your experiences and thoughts - your opinion matters to us.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


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Write into our Support Desk with any questions you have.