Okta User Profiles

Here are some tips to get you started. 

Okta profiles is SCIM provisioning tool and also allows rich Okta user metadata to be viewed inside a Jira ticket. This tool is especially useful in Jira Service management where agents need to see rich user profile of the person they are serving. 

Getting started. 

To start, you will need Okta API credentials from your Organization Okta Account. You will need 

  • User Token
  • URL to your okta instance. 

Both pieces of information can be found in Okta admin. Navigate to Security > API. 

  • Copy the Issuer URI.
  • Navigate to the token tab and generate a new token. Copy the new token.

Both pieces of information will be needed in the next step. 

Next enter the information in Okta API Credentials area of Okta Profiles and validate the information.

Next, optionally provide credentials for Atlassian Access SCIM provisioning. 

Atlassian Access SCIM Provisioning (Optional)

This section can be skipped if you do not have Atlassian Access.

You will need

  • Atlassian Access Directory URL (Optional. Only need if provisioning users from Okta into Access)
  • Atlassian Access directory token (Optional. Only need if provisioning users from Okta into Access)

See how to Configure Atlassian Access SCIM Directory for user Provisioning.

Past in the base URL and API key of the directory created and save.

Synchronize the users. This might take a while depending on the amount of users you are synchronizing. Once this is done, you will have a user directory of all Okta users that match users in Jira. 



In this area, you will see a list of all projects in your Jira. You can enable which projects get to see Okta Profiles Glance in issue. 


In this area, you will see all the fields that exist in Okta. Enable the fields you would like to see in your Jira issue. 

Sync Log

Sync log give you an audit log of all the actions that happen between Jira and Okta. 


Webhooks allow you to activate or deactivate which Okta Webhooks can call your Jira instance in order to sync informations. 

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