Working Days

Working Days allows you to configure working hours which all date and duration formulas should use when calculating actual hours that should be accounted for in any given day. Working hours can be configured both globally and on a project by project basis.

To configure working days globally, as an admin, navigate to the Manage Apps page. On the left side navigation, under the subheading "Abacus" click the option labeled "Global Working Days".

In order to configure working days for an individual project, head to the project settings, select the "Abacus" tab and on the main Abacus page click to gear icon towards the top right. Select the option working days.

How it Works

The number of hours worked by a team in a project can vary. Most teams work 8 hours a day. Other teams can work work 24 hours a day while others can work only a few hours. In order to accurately calculate time or duration required for each issue in Jira using Abacus, it is necessary to configure the correct amount of hours a day, timezone and Holidays.

By default, Abacus is set to 24 working hours per day for 7 days. This means that all calculation account for 24 hours in a day. If your team works 8 hours per day, Abacus will account for only 8 hours per day.




Click the edit button to the right of the Working Days title to enter the configuration menu. From here you can change many things about your schedule within the various sections.

Time zone

This area allows you to set the Time Zone for you and your project. If your JIRA has multiple teams in multiple locations this makes it easy to make sure that the Date or Durations formulas set up for your project calculate based on the time zone you've configured.

Work week

This section is where the specifics of your team's everyday working hours are defined. If a days working hours are not defined, this day is not accounted for when calculating your formula. This is the same as a holiday or a by-day.


This section allows you to set Holidays your company honors. These days will be ignored by Date and Duration Calculations when calculating date or durations.