Group and Block


Groups are collections of Blocks that are run sequentially in the Execution Plan. Groups can be re-ordered at any time by dragging the group tabs into the desired order. Group tabs may also be renamed with custom names.


Execution block include Actions and optionally include Conditions, which make up an execution. Execution Blocks are executed in a sequential order within an Execution plan.

Multiple actions within a block are order able. 

A series if actions in a group and without a condition, make up a block. When a condition included, you can create multiple blocks. You can visually distinguish blocks by their IF, ELSE IF, or ELSE EXECUTE statements.

Whether or not the Actions within an Execution Block will run is dependent upon any connected Conditions, if they are included. Execution Blocks are necessary for Execution Plans to be saved; you must have at least one Execution Block. 

The following scenarios present logic errors that prevent Execution Plans from functioning properly.

  1. Using the same result field in multiple groups within an Execution Plan.
  2. Using the same result field twice in the same Execution Block.
  3. Using the same result field among multiple Execution Plans in the same project.