Server to Cloud Migration

As Atlassian is focused on moving clients to the cloud, we want to make sure that our clients to have a seamless cloud migration.

Abacus offers an easy path to migrate to the cloud. It is a rarity, but our app works the same in the cloud as it does on server. We store all our data within Jira in both cloud and server versions. For that reason, migrating to the cloud is simple. When you migrate cloud using the server backup method, all Abacus data is backed up with it. To get Abacus working, please follow the steps below.

  1. Restore the backup into your new cloud instance.

  2. Obtain an Abacus license or use enable a trial.

  3. Create a new project and enable Abacus in the project by creating an execution plan.

  4. Delete the dummy project.

  5. Verify all the other projects that you had your formulas and execution plans created exist.

That’s it. Enjoy using Abacus in the Atlassian Cloud.