Automate calculations using custom formulas within your Jira projects.


Calculate Numeric, Date, and Duration fields. Capabilities include:

  • Creating complex formulas without the hassle of coding

  • Pulling fields into formulas with the click of a button

  • Controlling when formulas run using Execution Plans

  • Targeting specific issues using JQL and more

  • Easily sharing formulas between projects

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Formulas are custom mathematical equations that can be executed on your project fields.

Execution Plans

Choose when you want fields to be calculated using Execution Plans.

  • Triggers - Determine which Jira events will execute your plan.

  • Actions - Run formulas and other supporting functions in your Execution Plan.

  • Conditions- Apply additional filters to control which issues will be impacted by Actions.

  • Group and Block - VIsually and functionally separate out your Execution Plan components.

Video Tutorials

Abacus Video Tutorials lead you through the basics of formula creation, Execution Plan configuration, and so much more!